Meet Our Happy Cat Parents

"I was looking for good quality natural breeder to take kitten for a long time. Then I came to know about cat exotica. Within few minutes of chat I decided to go with them and when I first met them I found two friends of my life who has passion, knowledge experience patience and love for cats. Then I took another one from them. Both my babies are healthy and active. I take this opportunity to thank cat exotica from bottom of my heart."
" I have been following lots of cat vlogs and pages. Just the idea of having one at home would brighten up my day. And then, I got to know about Cat exotica through a pet shop owner. I visited their home where I was both surprised and delighted to see so many beautiful cats and cute kittens. I met my kitten “Oliver” there and I knew he is what I was waiting for so long. He was just few months old, cute fluffy kitten. The owner then explained me how to take care of the kitten in details and I brought him home. The best part about the whole experience was, Cat exotica has been very supportive even after I bought the kitten. From cleaning the kitten ears to trimming his nails, Cat exotica has sent videos, written instructions and helped me understand the process even better over these months. I bought my second kitten Ophelia after few months and ever since the kittens have added nothing but lots of happiness in my life. I cannot thank Cat exotica enough for trusting me with the kittens and helping me out with all the crazy queries I had to keep the kittens safe and healthy. My kittens are very adorable, healthy, extremely cute and “the boss” of the family."
"I really have no word to thank Cat Exotica, they have just made my life, am lucky enough i got in touch with them, There are many sellers & breeders but if you want the quality, health, charming personality kittens, most important a cage free kitten & Guidance would highly recommend to get your kitten from them ."
"my first kitten was from a shop, and the experience for horrible the kitten was fungal infected and had ear mites i spent 6000 extra for the treatment but still nothing work out, i some how got to know about Cat Exotica and messaged them on IG took the tips and guidance from them and with in 2 weeks the kitten was cured, i then bought a female kitten from them who is very very healthy, happy and perfect in all aspect, there prices are very reasonable when compared with others who charge more 20,000, they helped even though i wasnt there customer and these people are called real cat lovers, thank you so much cat exotica for making the cat parents journey so easy going."
" If you are Looking for best, healthy, loving & home breed kittens then cat exotica is the right place that matches all our requirements, the way they speak and respons me is just overwhelming am so pleased to have bought a kitten from them ."